Also known as Yuca and Manioc, Cassava is basically the tropical ‘potato’. Yuca can be deep-fried as fritters or chips as “yuquitas” and doused with garlic and “mojo criollo,” a tangy marinade


Eddoes are a starchy root, similar to yam in appearance, but have an interesting nutty flavour with an undertone of potato, water chestnut, and artichoke flavours


Ginger is grown for its aromatic flavour and is an underground rhizome. Above ground the plant is a bamboo-like shrub but with softer leaves and stem

Malanga Lila

Malanga Lila are roots in varying sizes and have a blunt, rounded end that slightly tapers forming a conical shape. Underneath the skin, the flesh is crisp and juicy similar to the consistency of a water chestnut, and has a white-purple hue with violet and grey undertones

Malanga White

Malanga White, similar to a yam in appearance and a potato in flavour, is a versatile root commonly used in Central American and Caribbean cooking. This root vegetable can be compared to Taro and Cassava but has a woodsy taste with a hint of black walnut

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are tubers with a smooth or irregular ribbed skin and their flesh may range from pure white through cream, yellow, orange, pink to a very deep purple depending upon the amount of carotenoid pigments present


Taro root has been cultivated for more than 6,000 years and has natural sugars that impart a sweet, nutty flavour profile. Taro must be cooked before eating and may be prepared in ways similar to a potato


A cousin of ginger, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant properties and is currently identified a key development crop in Costa Rica


Yampi is a versatile root that have a similar taste to Taro with the texture of a sweet potato. The skin is thin, smooth, and dark brown with light brown cracks. When cooked, Yampi has a tender, soft, and slightly dry texture